Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Trigard Wins CANA's Ginny Award!

Trigard was presented with their fourth Ginny Award in the Excellence in Advertising category at CANA's Annual Convention this year. The overall objective of the Trigard "Art of Memorialization" campaign was three-fold. The first goal was to showcase our Gallery bronze memorials, by talented artists such as Thomas Kinkade. The first step in accomplishing this goal was the 2009 ICCFA Expo in Las Vegas, thus bringing us to our second goal: to increase traffic at our booth and obtain the most leads possible. Our ultimate goal is to change the way others view memorialization and to appreciate a memorial as a work of art that truly honors the families we serve. As a final touch, our infamous "living bronze statue" dressed as a painter, complete with a beret and painter's smock and covered in bronze paint from head to toe. He was certainly an attention-getter, and fooled many attendees into thinking he was a real statue. Or perhaps he was a real statue? (We'll never tell.)

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